Sep 17, 2010

Book Review

French Women For All Seasons, Mireille Guiliano, Chatto & Windus, 2006.

Next to all things foodie, another great love in my life is books.  In the beginning of this year, i started a book club... Yes, for the opportunity to, affordably, expand the selection of books i read, but more so, to facilitate a monthly event where food, wine and feminine conversation are top priority.  Anyone who is in a book club will know the benefits of this girlie time!  One of the books that i selected to read over the month of August was the 2nd book written by Mireille Guiliano. Have you heard of "French Women Don't Get Fat"? Same author.  When i selected the book i had no idea that she had written the afore-mentioned book. I also thought the book was going to be an entertaining selection of short-stories from the lives of French Women.  I was wrong, and at first, a tad disappointed actually. In general, i am not a fan of life-style books, especially ones that tell me what i should and shouldn't eat. So, at the start, i was a bit apprehensive of finishing it, but a couple of pages into the 2nd chapter, i was hooked.  It is a lifestyle book, but it is hardly restrictive and following her guidelines sounds like a whole lot of foodie fun!

Why did i decide to review this book in conjunction with the Spring theme. Well, that's easy.  Mireille's book is divided into chapters discussing the 4 seasons. The first of the seasons mentioned is Spring, Au printemps, the perfect time to start a book on improving one's lifestyle.  I know that for me, Spring is certainly the season for adjusting my diet and reflecting on my lifestyle. After the cold boredom of Winter (i am NOT a Winter person), i rejoice in the first few days of Spring. I am suddenly filled with enthusiasm for all sorts of outdoor activities and crave salads and fresh fruit.

French Women for all Seasons is filled with Mireille's delicious and simple recipes!  Even if your goal is not to loose weight, this book is ideal for any foodie that wants to learn to be more in touch with and celebrate each season's offerings and how to make the best of them in the kitchen.  Not only is it a diet/recipe/lifestyle book, but one that gives insight into the culture of French women, in itself enlightening & inspiring!

For more about Mireille's books, her advice and recipes, have a look at:

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Thanks for this Lizzie! I've been dying to read something lifestyle-ish, but hate the boringness of some of them. Your blog looks great btw :) and this fits in great with your spring theme. Can't wait to read your next entry. -t-