Mar 30, 2011

Alternative to Button-Holes

I just saw these delightful badges on Nancy Flint's website and an awesome idea struck me.... If you are busy planning your wedding and you prefer the alternative to the traditional or just like to be a bit funky.. why not make (or have made by Creatus) some gorgeous badges for your guests of honour to wear, instead of the traditional button-holes!!  

OR... you could give them as guest favours...
Here are African-inspired badges from hassah, you could use these elegantly monogrammed badges as place cards or also as wedding favours.

Mar 28, 2011

White wedding cupcakes

These are pics of the wedding cake from last weekend.  The colour theme was black and white - very trendy at the moment, and very effective. The tables and decor looked stunning - such a crisp and modern atmosphere, but without being stiff.  No-one wants a wedding to be stiff.  It is a happy time, for everyone to love, laugh and enjoy each other's company.  Anyway, before i get too carried away - here are the pics.  The cupcakes were vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream frosting...  Check out the delightful cake topper.  Here is a South African website where you can order yours from: Wedding Shop

Isn't that a delightful cake topper!

The reversible black and white polka dot ribbon was just the cherry on top ;)
Tee hee!  Check out the 'pro-photographer' in the background!

Mar 24, 2011

It's been a long time...

It has been a super long time since i wrote my last blog - absolutely dreadful of me!  If you were wondering why... My weak excuse is that i have been getting married and going on honeymoon!  Upon return from honeymoon, i was looking forward to starting the 'nesting' phase that i have been looking forward to for such a long time.  No such luck.  I opened my e-mails the day after we got back only to find an order for a wedding cake for that Saturday!! To use the old adage, i hit the ground running!  

So, to get started, here are some pics of the first wedding cake made as a married woman!

This wedding, as well as the following week's wedding, was hosted at their home. So brave!!  I love how intimate and sentimental it is to have one's wedding at your home or the home of someone important in your life, but what a mission!  So much work and stress for the family.  My hat goes off to those willing to take on the challenge!

Back to the cake...  They chose a White Chocolate and Raspberry Mud Cake with White Chocolate Ganache.  One of my favourites!  It is delicious and moist and so easy to make.  Here is the recipe...

White Chocolate and Raspberry Mud Cake

300 g plain flour
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
450 g castor sugar
250 g butter
150 g white chocolate
250 ml milk
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
150 g fresh or frozen raspberries (Warning:  if you use frozen raspberries, the baking time will be significantly longer.)

Melt the sugar, butter, chocolate and milk together in a bowl in the microwave.  In a separate bowl, sift the flour and baking powder together.  Pour the melted chocolate mixture into the dry ingredients and mix well with a whisk.  Add the eggs and vanilla and stir to just combine.  Do not overbeat!  Gently stir through the raspberries.

Pour the mixture into a prepared cake tin and bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees Celsius for 1 and a half hours until cake is soft but cooked in the centre.  Place on a wire rack and allow to cool overnight in the tin.

Serving Suggestion:  Because this cake is so deliciously moist, one can eat it as is!  But, if you would like to make it that much more glam, make some 

White Chocolate Ganache

250 ml cream
500 g white chocolate, chopped into small pieces

Heat the cream in the cream in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Add the chopped chocolate and whisk until smooth.  Leave to set overnight before spreading over your cake.

Alternative:  leave the raspberries out of the sponge and muddle them in with the white chocolate ganache instead!