About me

Translated from French, Le Petit Four means ‘the little oven’. Originally petits fours were small confectionaries; such as macaroons, meringues and biscuits, which were baked with the heat remaining in the oven after the main baking had been done. I have been inspired by these delightful mini treats from an early age. I love how one can combine several flavours and textures to create one heavenly mouthful that tastes as good as it looks! So, when I was ready to start my own business, I knew exactly what I was going to name it! Starting in my home kitchen with only my domestic oven to bake in, Le Petit Four, seemed perfectly apt! My little oven does not only yield gorgeous bite-size delights, but gracious 4-tiered wedding cakes and everything in between. I am passionate about everything foodie. I spend my spare time reading recipe books and magazines and looking for inspiration on the web and the best way to occupy a Saturday morning… the local fresh food market of course!