Oct 10, 2012

Carrot cake cupcakes with ginger cream cheese frosting

On Saturday, a bride-to-be and her fiancé came for a cake tasting.  The two of them are very keen on carrot cake, and they also wanted me to incorporate some ginger in the cake in whatever way i can.  So, with a bit of time on my hands, i experimented with a few different combinations....

AMAZING Diabetic-Friendly Cream Cheese Frosting

On Wednesday, we had our monthly book club session - highlight of my month!! I made a red velvet cake for the dessert, but had a few restrictions to adhere to.  Three of the ladies are gluten-intolerant and one of the ladies is a diabetic.  The gluten-free part has become a breeze these days, with gluten-free pre-mixes readily available.  The sugar-free part, when it comes to cake, and especially icing, is  a little more challenging.  I have been fortunate enough to come across this site and have subsequently ordered a 20 kg bag of agave sugar for any 'sugar-free' baking that needs to be done!  

Oct 4, 2012

Ham and Pea Soup

Yesterday, in celebration of this beautiful season of Spring starting, i made garishly bright iced sugar biscuits, but today all i can think about is soup.  It is cloudy and raining, raining, raining.  It feels like the middle of July, not the beginning of October!  So, to warm the cockles of my heart... well, my stomach really... the prior is the responsibility of my husband, and my cat... i made pea and ham soup, or ham and pea soup.  Being of the rather carnivorous variety of homo sapiens, we like our meat, so when i make a soup like this, it is HAM and pea soup!

It is a super easy recipe, but not really one for making on a whim as one needs to soak the peas for six hours before getting the soup cooking.