Sep 13, 2010

Recipe Diary - 1st Entry

With my background in the sciences, i developed a fondness for recording my doings, the outcomes of 'experiments', the differences certain changes brought about, etc.  It was, therefore, only natural for me to record all of my 'experiments' in my kitchen!  So, many years ago, i started a recipe diary.  Something to keep track of recipes that i have tried, changes i make to recipes, their outcomes etc.  I have long been wanting to blog these experiments so that i can share my triumphs and failures with others in the hope of making their kitchen endeavours a little easier.  

Herewith the first entry of my recipe diary:
Mothers' Day 2003
Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake                                                
p 126, Simply Entertaining (Elsa van der Nest, Tafelberg, 2000)
Very nice, good flavour and texture.  Huge recipe, next time make two layers instead of one. 
I used a cream cheese and icing sugar frosting, which suits the cake perfectly and is much quicker and easier than the custard version mentioned in the recipe.

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