Oct 18, 2010

All in a week's work!

I know that i've been very quiet on my blog this while... i have a very good reason.  I had orders for four different occasional cakes for Saturday.  Needless to say, the seven days prior to that were long and exhausting. But, when all is said and done, very rewarding too.  Here are a few pics to show off all my hard work! 
René's 21st Cake: Carrot and pecan nut sponge with smooth cream cheese frosting.
The brief: Cerise pink, lime green and butterflies!
It was so much fun to make this cake - cheerful and frivolous!

Wedding cake: A tower of vanilla petits fours with white chocolate ganache.

Love is... Samantha & Roderick

 It was such a pleasure to walk into the reception venue for Samantha & Roderick's wedding.  I felt so privileged to be able to put my cake onto a ready-waiting cake stand surrounded by such tastefully and beautifully decorated tables.
Wedding Cake: Dark chocolate sponge with a rich dark chocolate ganache, surrounded by a white chocolate collar.

Tanya's 40th: Lime sponge with alternating layers of raspberry coulis and lemon curd.  Nice and light and refreshing!
The Brief: Lime green chocolate ganache with mustard yellow and plum purple butterflies.
I promise that we will get back to the cheesecakes soon:)

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  1. Fantastic white wedding cake!one serious choc collar, well done Lizzy xx robs