Apr 20, 2011

Indian Bobotie

I usually make a bobotie from one of my mother's old recipe books. It is a very simple recipe with few ingredients.  Last night i gave this recipe (from: Favourite Dishes of the World, Pat Kossnur, Tafelberg Publishers, 1993) a try...

Botie Lagan (Indian Bobotie)
Serves 6

2 onions, sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
30 ml oil
30 ml curry powder  (We used a strong curry powder, which made the curry flavour too strong. To my mind, a bobotie should only have a mild curry flavour. But, it's up to you!)
500 g minced chicken, lamb or beef (You could also make this dish with roughly mashed sugar beans or a mixture of pulses)
1 apple, grated
30 ml chutney
5 ml salt
1 slice bread, soaked in 125 ml milk
30 ml chopped fresh mint (I left this out)
2 eggs, beaten
125 ml milk
lemon or bay leaves (optional)

Soften onions and garlic in oil with curry powder.  Add meat and cook until colour turns.  Add apple, chutney, salt, mashed bread, mint, and 1 of the beaten eggs.  Place mixture in a well greased casserole and smooth the top.  Add the remaining egg to the milk and pour over the top. Press in the leaves.  Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius or until set.

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  1. hmmmm...nothing like some warm and spicey!! discovered an indian spice shop in East London, and was inspired...half the things i had no idea what they they were, i considered myself a culinary adventurer as i perused the shelves!and in th spirit of adventure i bought some dried figs...shrivelled up brown things...but being a lover of figs i have high hopes of savoring something with such a delicious hit of fig , i.e. a taste of summer in the heart of winter..any ideas of what to do with them (maybe i should hav bought good old fig jam instead lol!