May 16, 2011

Tyler's Christening Cake

I have sooo much that i want to blog about; the wonderful weekend that i have just had at African Relish with Roxanne Floquet, some gorgeous recipes i put to test last week, but i have to keep it short and sweet today 'cos the kitchen is calling!!  Here are some pics of my first proper christening cake.  By proper, i mean a cake that actually looks like a christening cake and not just a beautiful generic cake that was used for a christening! 
Two tiers of the delicious white chocolate mud cake with smooth white chocolate ganache in between the layers.

I had so much fun making these booties! In fact, i made a few pairs.  The first pair looked a bit girlie, more like sandals, so i changed my pattern a bit, to make the booties look more like something a boy would wear.
The lovely ladies who gave me the brief quite let me have free rein, which i really enjoyed.  These little blocks are super easy to make and add a playfulness to the cake, which is appropriate!

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