Jun 28, 2011

Some helpful tips...

I have been ashamedly quiet lately :(  #toobusytoblog.  But, i just read this post  at Sweetopia and thought that it would be something very useful to other ladies who love to make pretty cookies as i do!  So, here i am, blogging at last, albeit not of my own making!

Have your piping bags and
nozzles at the ready
Figure out which colours you are going to need and have them ready in separate containers
Have sufficient moist cloths at your
work station - they are super handy
for wiping messy nozzles, hands etc.

As much as i love creating beautiful cookies, petits fours and cakes, I also enjoy being organised and tidy.  I have actually just been re-organising my sugar-flower-making kit/s to be more user- and space-friendly.  I was very pleased with myself when i had a look at my compartmentalised tupperwares all neatly place in my 'cake goodies' shelf!  An organised and tidy working environment definitely does led itself to more efficient and stress-free creation.

From Sweetopia, here are 10 tips to stay organised while decorating cookies.

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