Aug 1, 2011

Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

On Thursday last week, i catered for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for 70 ladies.  Needless to say, i had so much fun with the theme!  I made a big "Hatter's" hat, lots of fun sugar biscuits in the theme - teapots, red painted roses, white rabbits, red hearts...  Some fabulous macaroons, delicious petits fours and a bunch of yummy savoury goodies too.  Here are the not-so-fab pics that i took.  Unfortunately the light was bad and my hands were super shaky due to lack of breakfast - BAD idea!

The creative Sylvia from Special Events by Cindy did the decor: each table was decorated according to a different Alice in Wonderland character!  And the talented Nikki from Nikki Meyer Photography took pics for the birthday lady to remember all the details of this special occasion.

The very large hat made of cake!  There was so much food that the  birthday lady didn't even get around to cutting it :(  Fortunately, it will last a goodly while and they will be able to enjoy it at a later stage!
A tower of vanilla and red velvet cupcakes inspired by the Queen of Hearts scene from the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie.

A white rabbit frolicking amidst the delicious cupcakes!

Chessboard white and dark chocolate brownies

Teapot vanilla sugar biscuits

"Painted Roses" vanilla sugar biscuits
Triple lemon and raspberry petits fours

Macarons - vanilla, raspberry and blueberry

My two wonderful assistants: Sindiswa and Alicia

Smoked salmon and cream cheese blini

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  1. Amazing tea party arrangements. Found them really gorgeous. Planning to throw my friend’s wonderland tea party at one of Seattle venues and will take help from your blog in preparing lovely invitation cards. Thanks for sharing such elegant ideas here.