Dec 22, 2010

Wedding Season is in Full Swing

'Tis most certainly the season, the season to be wed!  I always knew that December was a popular month for weddings in the Cape, but until now, i had no idea how much so.  I have been soooo busy with wedding cakes, it's fantastic!!  Here are some more pics of what has kept me away from my blog, and the gym and Christmas preparations!

Liani and Ruhan's Tower of Purple Velvet Petits Fours

Look at the lovely cake topper
that Liani got -
something special!

In keeping with the purple theme, Liani chose purple velvet petits fours: purple velvet (spin off of the ever popular red velvet) sponge with cream cheese frosting.  These were covered in fondant in various shades of purple and decorated with patterns and pretty blossoms.

For the two uppermost tiers, the traditional brandy-soaked fruit cake covered in marzipan was chosen.  To tie in with the petits fours, i iced a 'ribbon' of pattern along the bottom of the cakes and adorned the rest with the lovely little blossoms!

Jody & Mark

I met Jody at my stand at the Somerset Mall Bridal Fair in the beginning of the year.  She really liked this cake that i had on display:
She really wanted a chocolate cake though and her theme was gold and burnt orange.  So this is what i did:  A deliciously moist carrot cake, layered with lemon buttercream frosting & covered with a white chocolate collar.  For a touch of gold, i sprayed the chocolate collar with a little edible gold spray paint.

Chocolate Cake Three Ways

This is a pure chocolate cake: chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache and coated with a chocolate plastique!

I had a leeetle bit of spare time when finishing off this one and a whole lot of ideas.  So i quickly popped down to the ribbon shop to get a few different types of ribbon to release my creative urge! Before finishing this cake off as requested (images with red roses), i tried two other ways.  Unfortunately, the blue ribbon wasn't exactly what i was looking for. Because the pink-look cake was kinda vintagey i wanted to go with something super modern with the blue. Alas alack!  Here are the pics anyway - let me know which one is your favourite...

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