May 23, 2011

African Relish Inspiration

Being so inspired and energised by the course with Roxanne Floquet last weekend, i now see piping and cake designs in almost everything i look at!  The first 'design' that i 'saw' was from a table runner at the table where we sat and had all of our delicious meals at African Relish.  

Yesterday, we celebrated my brother-in-law's 30th  birthday, i thought that this would be the ideal occasion for me to test out my new 'design'!  I baked a carrot cake, one of my favourites, and iced it with cream cheese frosting.  The sugar paste was coloured with Americolour Bright Orange and a teeny weensy bit of Super Black just to take the neon-ness out of the orange.  For the royal icing, i mixed Bright Orange and a bit of Tulip Red to make the colour a little darker so that it contrasted nicely with the backdrop of the sugar paste.

This design could obviously be done in many different colours, i just choose the orange, because it is such a cheerful, happy colour and contrasts so beautifully with the green of the Desert Roses. Wedding cakes, especially, are usually fairly monochromatic, so it is not often that i am able to play with colours like this.  I did enjoy it very much!!  A nice palette for a wedding cake could be a very soft grey sugar paste with the design piped in the grey-green of the Desert Rose - très élégant! 

PS - On Saturday a lovely couple came to see me about their wedding cake - their colour scheme: purple and turquoise. I am very excited about that - watch this space!!!

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