May 24, 2011

Winshaw Weekly Experiments (Chicken Curry Soup)

In my search for inspirational people to follow on twitter yesterday morning, i came across @SimplyDelishSA.  Her recipe for the day, yesterday, was a fragrant chicken curry soup with naan bread.  Being the cold, wet, Wint'ry day it was yesterday, i thought that this recipe would be just the thing for dinner!  A lovely, easy recipe to follow with very tasty results!
This is the ideal week night dinner recipe to make as it only took the Winshaw team 30 minutes to prep (while feeding dogs and washing dishes)!  I might add more carrots the next time that i make this soup to increase the veg:meat ratio!  Also, we didn't have any tinned tomato in the cupboard (shock-horror!), so we used fresh tomatoes instead, which, to my mind, worked just fine!I didn't start in advance enough to let the naan bread dough rest as long as is required, but it still worked well.  The naan bread is the ideal match for this heart-and-soul-warming soup!

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