May 2, 2011

My Wedding Cake!

An age-old tradition: Cutting the Cake!!
As, a maker of wedding cakes, the obvious decision would be to make my own wedding cake!  The difficult decision came when i had to decide WHICH wedding cake to make for our special day.  Neither of us like fruit cake, so that was out.  But, then you are still left with chocolate mousse cake, vanilla, carrot, red velvet...the list goes on.  

Actually, our favourite cake is cheesecake, so that was high on the list of choices.  We also LOVE cheese, as in real cheese - brie, camembert, blue and cheddar.  So, another option was a tower of cheese wheels draped with fresh grapes, preserved figs and nuts... Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking of it!
The heart-shaped camemberts
are a lovely whimsical and
romantic touch.  Image
courtesy of

This 'cheesecake' takes on a more 
traditional look with white roses in 
between each 'tier'. Image courtesy 
of Fine Cheese.

Black and white is so en mode.
Here is a very modern take -
you can barely tell it is a cake

made of cheese! Image 
courtesy of The Cheese Shed.
This cake is decorated with the
traditional cheese compliments;
berries and fresh figs! Image 

courtesy of Fine Cheese.

I saw a cake on the Martha Stewart website a while before we got engaged and immediately knew that that was the wedding cake for me.  How appropriate then when we chose roses as the theme for our wedding!  Once i really started looking at wedding cake ideas with the idea of choosing one design for ours, it became quite a daunting choice to make though.  There are sooo many gorgeous designs out there!  

My version of the Martha Stewart White Rose Wedding Cake

Here are a few more of my favourite designs by some very talented ladies...
Very chic white lace wedding
cake by the very talented
ladies at My Sweet and Saucy

A beautiful creation by 
This gorgeous cake 
by the Vanilla  Bake 
 is aptly named 
"A night in Paris".
Hydrangea inspired wedding cake
by Peggy Porschen is just soo 
feminine and weddingy!

In November last year i made a wedding cake that comprised several small cheesecakes wrapped in white chocolate collars and covered with berries.  When looking at the pictures of this wedding cake a while later, i was so inspired by the colourful, fresh berries that i decided at once that this was what i wanted... eventually!  Here are the pics...
Delicious and refreshing: lemon baked cheese cake wrapped in a Lindt white
chocolate collar.

Heaps of divine fresh berries for a vibrant and exuberant look.

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  1. Lezanne, the cake looks amazing! (As did you on your wedding!) I was just showing my house mate FB pics of your cakes the other day. :)