May 4, 2011

The Royal Wedding Cakes

I couldn't resist...  'royal wedding fever' got to me too!  How can such a fairy tale not get to someone as idealistic and romantic as i am.  Here are some pics of the two wedding cakes at the luncheon celebration of Prince William and Catherine's nuptials!

Seventeen individual fruit cakes make up this phenomenal 8-tiered wedding cake.    It took Fiona Cairns and her team five weeks to create this masterpiece. They also spent two days prior to the wedding at Buckingham Palace setting up the cake.

One can only but admire all the intricate piping, scroll work and hand crafted sugar flowers that make up this awe-inspiring wedding cake designed by Fiona Cairns.  (With a lot of input from Catherine of course!)  The English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock, as well as thirteen other types of flowers and leaves, each traditionally symbolising a special wish, were amongst the many decorations of the royal wedding cake.  
The 'Groom's' cake:  A McVities tea biscuit and chocolate cake requested by Prince William.  This rather modern looking cake comprises 40 pounds of chocolate and a whopping 1700 biscuits!

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